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"maybe this is just what i need maybe i'm wrong." - Juliana Theory, this is not a love song

"You're the beauty that is deeper than eyes can merely see--the closest thing to perfect, but the farthest thing from me." - Juliana Theory, "closest thing"

"It's a chore: holding on to a vision." - The Juliana Theory

"don't go, you say, as I walk out your door." - Juliana Theory, "august in Bethany"

"Your star it seems to shine above the rest." - Juliana Theory, "closest thing"

"maybe this is just what i need maybe i'm wrong." - Juliana Theory, "this is not a love song"

"i hope your wish comes true, but you say i'll know before you do, and i hope you're right." - Juliana Theory, "this is not a love song"

"I know just how you feel. i've been in your shoes before." - Juliana Theory, "piano song"

"everyone I've held in my arms I believed I've pushed away." - Juliana Theory, "as it stands"

"This is now your world, and you barely made it." - Juliana Theory, "breathing by wires"

"Some things can never be explained, why does your love remain unchanged? Cause I know things wouldn't be the same. Sleep forms a dream away and a year too late, words that can't be spoken stream off my face." - The Juliana Theory

"don't go. your eyes, they see through my soul." - Juliana Theory, "august in Bethany"

"I want to be selfish; you're my everything." - Juliana Theory, "constellation"

"don't go you said you wouldn't you said you couldn't." - Juliana theory, "august in Bethany"

"Some things can never be explained. Why does your love remain unchanged?" - Juliana Theory, "constellation"

"when you tried to help me out by telling me how we should be, I disagreed." - Juliana theory, "do you believe me?"

"Listen, every single second counts; Every single moment leads up to now." - Juliana Theory, "this is the end of your life"

"Memories are all that remain of the way that it was." - Juliana Theory, "this is the end of your life"

"Everything you said lives on-- I cherish the memories." - The Juliana Theory

"Looking back, a lot has changed. We never thought there'd come a day when everything we used to live for, everything we did, and everything we say could fade away." - Juliana Theory, "p.s. we'll call you when we get there"