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"For you, leavin' came easy but it tore me apart. Time heals all wounds they say and I should know, 'cause it seems like forever but I'm letting you go." - Lila McCann, "almost over you"

"Tomorrow I'll get over you if I just get through tonight." - Lila McCann, "changing faces"

"Looking back is easy if you've got memories like ours. We crashed like two headlights and we're still seeing stars." - Lila McCann, "hit by love"

"I wanna fall in love. I wanna feel that rush. Runnin' into my heart, shakin' up my soul; feelin' like I've never felt before." - Lila McCann, "I wanna fall in love"

"So I'm sorry that I can't go any further with you and tonight may be a night I'll regret, but I'm already somebody's lover . . . he just hasn't found me yet." - Lila McCann, "already somebody's lover"

"Though you stand in front of me, it's real easy to see that you're gone." - Lila McCann, "you're gone"

"I think I'm gonna walk away -- head right for the door. Maybe I should stay and fight, but look what I'd be fighting for?" - Lila McCann, "changing faces"

"Tell me one sweet lie: tell me our love's just fine, and everything will be all right. Say you're not gonna leave; that you still love me; and we'll start all over tonight. That look is in your eyes and all I can hear is the sound of goodbye." - Lila McCann, "you're gone"

"Now I'm almost over you. I've almost shook these blues. So when you come back around after painting the town you'll see that I'm almost over you." - Lila McCann, "almost over you"

"But I'd rather risk my heart than never get the chance to find my way." - Lila McCann, "I will be"

"I thought it my destiny to walk this world alone, but now you're here with me. Now you're here with me and I don't regret the rain, or the nights I felt the pain, or the tears I had to cry some of those times along the way. Every road I had to take; every time my heart would break; it was just something that I had to get through to get me to you." - Lila McCann, "to get me to you"

"Oh, emotionally on our knees. It took a moment to believe, but there we were, the two of us, hit by love." - Lila McCann, "hit by love"

"And just when I thought my chance was gone, love came to me with open arms." - Lila McCann, "when you walked into my life"

"You took the love that you wanted and left me the misery." - Lila McCann, "almost over you"

"it's time to face the truth -- that my world just fell apart. And I don't know what to do -- you're gone." - Lila McCann, "you're gone"

"I've waited all this time -- counting minutes as they pass, searching for a sign, wishing for the best -- and just when my hopes were wearing thin, you turned my heart to love again. Like a miracle out of the blue, you rescued me like the angels do." - Lila McCann, "when you walked into my life"

"I toss and turn; I breathe and burn for one kiss I'll go on -- right or wrong -- cause I belong wherever he is." - Lila McCann, "can you hear me"

"Now it's all making sense, forever's in the present tense." - Lila McCann, "with you"

“Whether you go or stay, you’re gone either way, and I’ll love you the rest of my life.” – Lila McCann, “you’re gone” Quote No. 911

“The words you didn’t say I will never forget.” – Lila McCann, “you’re gone”