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"Listening to music in the backseat of your car is not a date, Joe. It's high school." - Lipstick Jungle

"You know what they say... All men are asses and all women are crazy..." - Lipstick Jungle

"Nico: I meant what I said the other night; this was a one-time thing. Kirby: I just forgot my notes." - Lipstick Jungle

"I think people treat you, the way you treat them." - Lipstick Jungle

"I don't care if security will have to come in and carry me out. It will be worth it." - Lipstick Jungle Quote No. 263

“You guys have to promise me that if I’m ever incapacitated, one of you will be my plucker.” – Lipstick Jungle

LUAQuotes Quote No. 62

“Why did it take you so long to tell us? We tell each other everything. I tell you things I’m scared to tell my dermatologist.” – Lipstick Jungle