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"Desmond: Why do you love me? Penny: Because you're a good man. In my experience they're pretty hard to come by." - Lost

"Trust is a hard thing to win back." - Lost

"A leader can't lead until he knows where he's going." - Lost

"After my husband and I first arrived to Paris, I was afraid to ever leave our apartment. So, I would stare out the window, into the alley, and I would see this cat looking for scraps. One day, some children came into the alley and trapped it in a box. I watched them light firecrackers and drop them in the box. I could hear him howl from three stories above. So, finally, I had a reason to leave my apartment. I rescued this cat and I brought him home. He sits with me when I read, sleeps with me, and he purrs. But, every once in a while, he will bite me or scratch me. He does this because, sometimes, he forgets that he is safe now. So, I forgive him when he bites me. Because, I know what it is like to never feel safe. And that is because of you." - Lost

"Because in real life, no girl like you would ever like me. Remember when I said I knew you from somewhere? Well, maybe it's because I made you up?" - Lost

"I can only wrap my head around one woman at a time." - Lost

"I know I have been hard on you...but that is how you make a soft medal into steel." - Lost

"You know why they call it 'down under?' Because it's closest to hell without getting burned." - Lost

"He's been through more than most people in their entire lifetime. Maybe you haven't spent enough time with him to see it, but he's different." - Lost

"You've given up the right to be believed." - Lost

"If people are talking I'm not hearing it. But if I was, I'd say it's not a very smart plan." - Lost

"I think I have made the biggest mistake of my life. And the worst part is I'm pretty sure I have made it before." - Lost

"Kate: I'm sorry I kissed you. Jack: I'm not." - Lost

"Shut up and stop trying to be charming." - Lost

"You got a little love connection brewing over there, Jabba?" - Lost

"Listen to me. No matter what she does, no matter how she makes you feel, just don't ... trust a word that she says. She will do anything to get away." - Lost

"Sawyer: I know your type. Kate: I'm not so sure. Sawyer: Yeah, I've been with girls like you. Kate: Not girls exactly like me." - Lost

"I'm not a big believer in... magic. But this place is different. It's special. The others don't wanna talk about it because it scares them, but we all know it, we all feel it." - Lost

"All we really need to survive is one person who truly loves us. And you have her. I will wait for you always. I love you." - Lost

"You go after him now and he'll give you nothing. But if you wait, a rat will always lead you to its hole." - Lost