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“‘It’s not the truth. The only truth is that love is hard and sometimes people need a little help.” – Pink by Marilyn Griffith

“It was always good to know the exact moment your mind went bad in case anyone wanted to know.” – Pink by Marilyn Griffith

“‘You don’t have to know the right way, the perfect way to do something.  You just try it with your heart.  And it works.’” – <em>Pink</em> by Marilyn Griffith

“If he’d loved her so much, why had he waited so long to tell her?” – Pink by Marilyn Griffith

“People forget how much they love each other sometimes, but they can make it right again.” – <em>Pink</em> by Marilyn Griffith

“She had to protect herself from herself, from that little girl inside still looking for a happy ending.” – Pink by Marilyn Griffith