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"no point in getting to the end of the road unless you'd enjoyed the journey." - midnight bayou by nora Roberts

"'what, is there a law somewhere that states you can't fall in love until a reasonable, rational period of time has passed during which the parties will socialize, communicate and, if possible, engage in sexual intercourse in order to assure compatibility? If there is, and it worked, explain the divorce rate?'" - midnight bayou by Nora Roberts

"'he's the best man i ever met in my life, and i'm not good enough for him. i say that knowing i'm good enough for damn near anybody, but he's different. turns out under that affable exterior that man's even more stubborn than i am, and i haven't figured out what to do about that quite yet.'" - midnight bayou by Nora Roberts

"'in some situations, hell, in most situations, a man thinks with his dick. by the time that thought process works all the way to his head, he usually sees that situation more clearly.'" - midnight bayou by nora roberts

"'because I can't stop thinking about you. I can't get you out of my head, from under my skin. because every time I see you, my heart kicks in my chest.'" - midnight bayou by Nora Roberts