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"I have sometimes been asked whether I consider love higher than art, and I have replied that I cannot separate them, for the artist is the only lover, he alone has the pure vision of beauty and love is the vision of the soul when it is permitted to gaze upon immortal beauty." - My Life by Isadora Duncan

"What one has not experienced, one will never understand in print." - My Life by Isadora Duncan

"No woman has ever told the whole truth of her life." - My Life by Isadora Duncan

"Each love-affair in my life would have made a novel, and they all ended badly. I have always waited for that one which would end well, and last for ever and ever--like the optimistic cinemas!" - My Life by Isadora Duncan

"The real American is not a gold chaser or money lover, as the legend classes him, but an idealist and a mystic. Not that I mean for a moment to say that the American is without senses. On the contrary, the Anglo-Saxon in general, or the American with some Celtic blood is, when it comes to the crucial moment, more fiery than the Italian, more sensuous than the French, more capable of desperate excesses than are the Russians. But the habit of early training has enclosed his temperament in a wall of iron, frosted over, and these things only come to pass when some extraordinary incident of life breaks through his reserve. Then one might say that the Anglo-Saxon or Celt is of all the nations the most fiery lover." - My Life by Isadora Duncan