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"Sometimes it seems like we're all living in some kind of prison. And the crime is how much we hate ourselves. It's good to get really dressed up once in a while and admit the truth: that when you really look closely, people are so strange and so complicated that they're actually...beautiful. Possibly even me." - My So-Called Life

"When he's around, my whole body knows it. I'll keep talking and stuff, but my mind will have no idea what I'm saying. I keep wondering if there's a term for this." - My So-Called Life

"It's amazing the things you notice. Like the corner of his collar that was coming undone, like he was from a poor family and couldn't afford new shirts. That's all I could see, the whole world was that unraveled piece of fabric. It's such a lie that you should do what's in your heart. If we all did what was in our hearts, the world would come to a halt." - My So-Called Life

"It's weird how something has to happen sometimes to see how you actually feel for someone." - My So-Called Life

"Have you ever completely given up on someone, and then something happens and you go 'Oh my God, there's so much more to this person than I ever dreamed'?" - My So-Called Life

"It's always tempting to lose yourself with someone, who's maybe lost themselves." - My So-Called Life

"I guess you can't hurt someone unless you really matter to them." - My So-Called Life

"It's like you think you're safe or something, cause you can just walk away, anytime because you don't need him. You don't need anyone. But the thing you don't realize is, you're wrong." - My So-Called Life

"Nobody's interested in the truth. All they care about is what they want to believe." -My So-Called Life

"Everybody is an act, including you." - My So-Called Life

"There's this dividing line between girls who've had sex and girls who haven't. and all of a sudden, we both realized that we were looking at each other across it." - My So-Called Life

"I guess I'm just sort of in the mood to have a crush on somebody where it can't hurt too much." - My So-Called Life

"I am not the kind of girl who thinks a guy is the answer to everything... I'm just tired of being alone." - My So-Called Life

"Lists, notes, and gossip, is that what everything boils down to after a certain point? Like whatever we are, if we can even figure that out, doesn't matter? The only thing that matters is who and what other people think we are, and how they rank us?" - My So-Called Life

"Love is when you look into someone's eyes, and suddenly, you go all the way inside, to their soul... and you both know, instantly. I always imagined I would fall in love, nursing a blind soldier. Who was wounded in battle. Or maybe while rescuing someone in the middle of a blizzard, seconds before the avalanche hits. I thought, at least, by the age of fifteen, I would have a love life. But, I don't even have a 'like' life." - My So-Called Life

"I know in the past I've caused you pain and I'm sorry and I'll always be sorry until the day I die. I hate this paper in my hand because it isn't you. I even hate this letter 'cause it's not the whole truth because the whole truth is so much more than a letter can even say. If you wanna hate me, go ahead. If you wanna burn this letter, do it. You can burn the whole world down . . . you can tell me to go to hell . . . I'd go if you wanted me to and I'd send you a letter from there." - My So-Called Life

"That's when the change happened. Just like that. Somewhere in those few seconds. I knew my life would never be the same." - My So-Called Life

"But maybe it is, because you just did what you wanted and didn't care about what damage it did to anybody else." - My So-Called Life

"It just seems like; you agree to have a certain personality or something. For no reason. Just to make things easier for everyone. But when you think about it, I mean, how do you know it's even you?" - My So-Called Life

"You know how sometimes the last sentence you said, like, echoes in your brain? And it just keeps sounding stupider? And you have to say something else just to make it stop?" - My So-Called Life