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"Nobody's life is filled with perfect little moments. And if it were, they wouldn't be perfect little moments. They would just be normal. How would you ever know happiness if you never experienced downs?" - PS, I LOVE YOU by Cecilia Ahern

"They were best friends, lovers and soul mates destined to be together, everyone thought. But as it happened, one day destiny greedily changed its mind." - PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

"Tonight I'm happy. I will worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes." - PS, I LOVE YOU by Cecilia Ahern

"Some people go through life and never find their soul mates. They never do. You and I did, we just happened to have them for a shorter period of time. It's sad, but it's life." - PS, I LOVE YOU by Cecilia Ahern

“‘Every time someone asks me that question, Sharon, I say, ‘I’m fine, thank you,’ but to be honest, I’m not. Do people really want to know how you feel when they ask how are you? Or are they just trying to be polite?’ Holly smiled. “The next time the woman across the road from my [...]