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"You never know who's giving the air that you might breathe in." - Saving Jane, "ordinary"

"I can't have you for mine and I know it." - Saving Jane, "come down to me"

"Maybe you underestimated me. And now it's time. Cause I am tired of this fire and I don't need your reasons why." - Saving Jane, "reasons why"

"I'm saving my breath. I'm saving my tears. I'm saving my life for something better than these years." - Saving Jane, "who's cryin' now?"

"I don't know why I'm feeling sorry for myself. I spend all my time wishing that I was someone else." - Saving Jane, "girl next door"

"In the company of strangers I am less than fine. I am turning into wallpaper before your eyes." - Saving Jane, "reasons why"

"Surrounded by a million but I feel like I'm alone." - Saving Jane, "ordinary"

"She is the prom queen I'm in the marching band. She is a cheerleader I'm sitting in the stands. She gets the top bunk I'm sleeping on the floor. She's Miss America and I'm just the girl next door." - Saving Jane, "girl next door"

"I'm okay with who I am today. Everybody's gotta change. I'm just doing what I can. Could you love me anyway?" - Saving Jane, "mary"

"I hope you don't mind me staying cause I might never leave." - Saving Jane, "sleep on it"

"Somehow I always end up on the wrong side of this fight." - Saving Jane, "reasons why"

"I didn't mean to alarm you. Subtlety's my weakness." - Saving Jane, "sleep on it"

"I don't think about you every night before I close my eyes." - Saving Jane, "happy"

"I'm out of things to say and I can't change you anyway." - Saving Jane, "change you"

"There's something you should know: I finally let you go." - Saving Jane, "who's cryin' now?"

"Don't leave me hanging on the edge of what is real. I'm losing sight of all that I'm supposed to feel." - Saving Jane, "change you"

"You won't regret my attention. I've got tricks you've never seen." - Saving Jane, "sleep on it"

"I don't have much, but I've got more than enough to keep you." - Saving Jane, "sleep on it"

"You don't know just what you're missing. I've got everything you're wanting." - Saving Jane, "sleep on it"

"Somehow I always end up on the wrong side of this fight." - Saving Jane, "reasons why"