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"No one could blame her if she holds out; She's a little worried to jump right in. She ain't in a hurry to try again. She's taking time off from love, but every night she cries just a little bit less, and she tries a little bit more." - Toby Keith, "every night"

"Take your frown; turn it upside down. Oh, you never know who might be fallin' in love with your smile." - Toby Keith, "your smile"

"I've never ask you where you're goin'. I've never ask you where you've been. I've never called and checked your story you stayed out with all your friends. I've never tried to catch you lyin'; I didn't want to know the truth. I'd rather go on lovin' blind girl than go on lovin' without you." - Toby Keith, "Wish I didn't know now"

"You said you need a little time; A little time to yourself. I'm staring down this telephone wonderin' there might be someone else." - Toby Keith, "if a man answers"

"I'm gonna try and make him just a memory." - Toby Keith, "He ain't worth missing"

"I know this might not be the answer, oh, that you came here to get. We both know that girl is somethin' that I'm still not over yet." - Toby Keith, "you caught me at a bad time"

"He's got a brand new lover. Here you come a-runnin'; You're looking for some cover. I know you're sad and lonely. I know you're feeling blue. You miss him so much. Won't let me get too close to you." - Toby Keith, "He ain't worth missing"

"You shouldn't kiss me like this unless you mean it like that. Cause I'll just close my eyes and I won't know where I'm at." - Toby Keith, "you shouldn't kiss me like this"

"Cause there ain't no right or wrong, nothing's carved in stone. It ain't cheating if you don't get caught." - Toby Keith, "no honor among thieves"

"There's a few defining moments in every person's life when you know what you've done wrong and you know what you've done right." - Toby Keith, "New Orleans"

"Ain't no right way to do the wrong thing." - Toby Keith, "ain't no right way"

"To tell you the truth: I'm prepared to fall apart. It's just like d

"After all my heart's been through, look what it's run into." - Toby Keith, "do I know you?"

"It's gonna get bad, before it gets better. You can cry and cry, but he still won't call." - Toby Keith, "Under the fall"

"These days nobody seems to try to love through the hard times instead of just saying goodbye." - Toby Keith, "you don't anymore"

"I knew that you'd be waiting the night I made that desperate call. You weren't everything I needed; just the softest place to fall." - Toby Keith, "you caught me at a bad time"

"You never told me why you were leaving. I guess you did what you had to do. If you find that love is what you're needing, it's waiting here for you." - Toby Keith, "blue bedroom"

"Should've known right from the start: I couldn't tame your faithless heart." - Toby Keith, "time for me to ride"

"You've gone a little too far this time. You stepped one doorstep over the line. Swore you'd always be mine; I'd never leave you behind, but you've gone a little too far this time." - Toby Keith, "too far this time"

"If you wanna go back to him, baby, get up and go. I'm tired of being a clown caught up in your sideshow. night after night it never ends. It's like a heavyweight fight nobody wins, and I'm throwin' in the towel. enough is enough." - Toby Keith, "knock yourself out"