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"I'm still in love, but I'm one of a million hearts you'll someday break." - Ultimate Fakebook, "a million hearts"

"How can I make you see that you can't lose me? Cuz I'm still in love and want you for forever--forever." - Ultimate Fakebook, "forever, forever"

"C'mon now! the party's just begun. you can't afford to not just have some fun, so loosen up and act like you're in love." - Ultimate Fakebook, "goddamn dance craze"

"I know you didn't call, but maybe the thought scared you. You figured I'm with someone else now, and you don't wanna die tonight. But I wish you would call me. I'd tell you how I want so much for you to come along." - Ultimate Fakebook, "having too much fun"

"All the stars in your eyes, burn to light up your smile. Everything is so bright. I don't wanna just hide from the things that I used to be scared of tonight." - Ultimate Fakebook, "forever, forever"

"My head's a spider web of daydreams--whistles while it weaves too many fantasies." - Ultimate Fakebook, "red elbows"

"The movie that's called 'Life Sucks' stars everyone."- Ultimate Fakebook

"Isn't it good to not always get all that you want?" - Ultimate Fakebook

"If I go this time I can't come back around." - Ultimate Fakebook, "girl, here's another lie"

"It's never quite like the plans your head dreams up." - Ultimate Fakebook

"I can't function. I'm so dense, My mouth's stopped making sense." - Ultimate Fakebook, "when i'm with you, i'm ok"

"it's never quite like the plans your head dreams up." - Ultimate Fakebook, "of course we will"

"When it breaks, it's the same old thing; it never changes anything." - ultimate fakebook, "combat fatigue"

"So weird at first, but now I'm sure, I surrender." - Ultimate Fakebook, "forever, forever"

"I always thought it would end -- feelin' like it's the worst it's been, but, you know, that's okay." - Ultimate Fakebook, "circus horrors"

"Don't waste me. I'm your one and only love." - ultimate fakebook, "wrestling leap year"

"We don't have to start a fight, cuz I'll be down on my knees all night." - ultimate fakebook, "combat fatigue"

"Seems like everything I say is all wrong, and those words don't mean anything. I don't see why they live so long." - ultimate fakebook, "combat fatigue"

And whatever it is that you want me to do, I'll do it. - Ultimate Fakebook, "forever, forever"

"Didn't think I had to tell you; I thought you'd know." - Ultimate Fakebook, "combat fatigue"