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Holidays Archive Quote No. 12,302

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not. – Mark Twain

Without Valentine’s Day, February would be… well, January.  – Jim Gaffigan

At Christmas play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year. – Thomas Tusser

Things to do for a Dateless Valentine’s Day

Things to do for a Dateless Valentine’s Day Wear black, and lots of it. If someone else in the office has received flowers, chocolate, singing telegrams, and other forms of dating expressions, glare at them. Snarling and grunting optional. Same goes for anyone wearing excessive amounts of red. Especially if they are wearing heart-shaped items [...]

"i've dreamed of this a thousand times before. in my dreams i couldn't love you more. i will give you my heart until the end of time. you're all i need, my love, my Valentine." - Martina McBride, "valentine"

"As the end of another holiday draws near, I'd like to take a moment to list all the things I'm thankful for: I'm thankful that no matter how dark things might get, old friendships can still be rekindled... and thankful for new relationships that help us realize how far we've come from who we were... and how close we get when we can really be ourselves... I'm thankful to know that no matter what they say, you can go home again, whether it's your home or not... but the thing I'm most thankful for: how even on the most giving of days, people can still do something unforgivable." - Gossip Girl

"Do you remember when Christmas used to be fun? You know, back when it was all about waking up on Christmas morning to find a pile of presents under the tree." - Pacey's Rants

"well obviously you were busy, too busy for me. so this is how you leave me? I'm broken hearted on the floor. my tears seep through the crack under my door. where I am locked in, shut down. I'm so tired of picking myself up off the ground. so happy valentine's day." - Alkaline Trio, "enjoy your day"

"Some families actually do make the Yuletide gay, managing to leave their troubles far away. Other families have a merry little Christmas even when their troubles aren't so far away. Some presents might end up getting returned. Some gifts are for keeps. Other presents come when you least expect them. And everyone knows the biggest present comes in the smallest box. Then there are those boxes you wish you had never opened." - Gossip Girl

"When you're a kid, it's simple. Christmas is magic. It's a time of miracles, when reindeer can fly, and Frosty never melts. Then you get older. Somehow, things change. The magic begins to fade. Until something happens that reminds you at Christmas time... miracles still can be found. Sometimes in the most unexpected places." - The Wonder Years

"people look forward to Christmas, because they know it's a time. . . for miracles. . . " - Desperate Housewives

"You are the only boy who makes my heart beat faster and slower at the same time." - The Hot Chick

"He's got a smile that could set the world on fire, and what makes it all worthwhile is that he smiles that smile for me."

"You're what happened when I wished upon a star."

"Shopping at Christmas time means waiting in lines ten times longer than normal." - Pacey's Rants

"We were made to fit together." - City of Angels Quote No. 409

“Once a year, we remember to stop and count our blessings. We give thanks to the friends who understand us, the lovers who make us happy, the children who do our bidding. Yes, we must always be thankful for what we’ve been given, even if it’s just an opportunity.” – Desperate Housewives Quote No. 249

“There are people in my life who give me comfort. When the going gets tough, as it invariably does, I can count on them for a shoulder to cry on – they will lift me up when I fall, they will hold me in their arms as I cry and tell me, ‘Everything’s going to [...]