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Falling Apart Archive Quote No. 12,265

“Right now I need for you to not talk, okay? It’s ’cause you’re head of the hospital now, right? That’s why you haven’t called me in 11 days. Because I hate myself. I hate that I know how many days it’s been since we hung out. And I hate myself even more for asking you [...] Quote No. 12,256

“Then tell me. That’s how this works. You talk to me about it so that I can take your hand and fucking walk through this shit with you. That is what I signed up for, Okay? But I cannot do that if you won’t let me in.” – Short Term 12 Quote No. 12,191

“And no more promises were made so none could be broken.” – Hyde Park on Hudson

I opened up to you, and you judged me. – Silver Linings Playbook

“Don’t  belittle us.  It’s insulting and beneath you.  And designed to drive me away.  I’m not going away.” – Scandal

“Really? I’ll tell you one thing though. You did not have me the moment that we met because I’m not even sure I like the fact that your staff talked about you behind your back at the desert table. And excuse me but truth be told I didn’t like anything that you ordered for me [...]

“You treat me like a queen when we go out, wanna show everyone what our love’s about.  All wrapped up in me whenever there is a crowd, but when no ones around, there’s no kindness in your eyes, the way you look at me, it’s just not right.  I can tell whats going on this [...]

“I want you to fight for me! That’s all I ever wanted!” – Real Steel

Blake Shelton Quotes 5 of 6

“And I’m no quitter, but I’m tired of fighting.” – Blake Shelton, “Don’t Make Me”

“I’m so mad at you. I’m really mad at you for what you did. But I’m mad at myself too. Because I should not have jumped out of that car – I should have fought for you. Because you fight for your soul mates.” – Crazy, Stupid, Love.

"I'm under the assumption that I'm gonna be the one that's leaving you." - Taking Back Sunday, "I am Fred Astaire"

"I hold you near but you're so far away." - Jennifer Love Hewitt, '(our love) don't throw it all away'

"Maybe I should have done something else, maybe I should have tried a little harder. I wish all these thoughts would have come when it actually mattered though."

"You know, you are gonna forgive me, right? I mean you can't just-- I mean there was a time where you thought of me as your best friend." - Grey's Anatomy

"When did we lose our way? We had it all, then it just slipped away."

"But I don't know, it's kinda strange. I realized, since he's been gone that I'm not as dependent on him as I thought. You know, I have my clothing line and I have my friends and I have me. And I'm not such bad company." - One Tree Hill

"There was just a moment when things weren't quite the same, weren't quite as they had always been through the long friendship." -The Giver

"I suddenly saw it all so clearly. I'd sold both of us short -- by taking something most people never have, and throwing it away for something less. I'd been in such a rush to impress people who really didn't matter. I'd torn apart the only ones who did. " - The Wonder Years

"Sometimes silence is the most important thing we can hear." - Dr. David Boan

"sometimes the littlest thing in life changes something forever and there will be times when you wish you can go back to how things used to be but you just can't because things have changed so much."