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“Success lives with no address as people keep searching for it in spite of making any amount or level of progress.”~Anuj Somany Quote No. 12,249

A person is always ready to favour him from whom he received a gift in the past. – Vikrant Parsai Quote No. 12,248

Knowing everything about a man doesn’t take as much time as knowing about an animal. – Vikrant Parsai Quote No. 12,247

Love your children more than money because you can laugh happily with them, but not with money. – Vikrant Parsai Quote No. 12,246

It is not good manners to show your learning before ladies. – Vikrant Parsai Quote No. 12,245

” A leader is one who does not care about his rank and role but remains always responsive to lead, shoulder responsibility, and achieve the goal in such a way that everyone, in and outside the team, respects him for touching their revered souls.”~Anuj Somany Quote No. 12,244

“Selfishness is the biggest form of helplessness as it makes the person blind so much that he fails to search his true self for being always in the lurch.”~Anuj Somany Quote No. 12,243

“The best way to make a good day is to enjoy doing the hard work to better the productivity consistently and stay happy only with the performance excellence.”~Anuj Somany Quote No. 12,242

“It is not good for a husband to talk of pretty girls in front of his wife.” – Vikrant Parsai

“A man’s confidence only pays when everything else just stays away in his life.” – Anuj Somany

“What to do with life… pretend I don’t need you and be miserable or admit I do and learn to live without you? I know all the answers to these questions but they aren’t good enough.” – Jennifer York

“People change- or so they say. However I’ve never seen any true proof of it. I feel like people are the way they are, Take them or leave them. Those are your choices. People spend their whole lives trying to be somebody else’s idea of perfect. How can anybody live up to that standard, the word perfect [...]

“I think life is misunderstood. I feel like everyone thinks life is goal oriented. Everyone sees life as ‘I want this’ ‘so go get it,’ but perhaps life is about the in-between that little dash on the tombstone between the birthday and the day of deceased. The times between start and finish. The things you [...]

“Can you live without being whole? I feel like I am a 1000 piece puzzle and everyone can see that I am missing a piece; the most important piece.” – Jennifer York

“Incomplete. You feel incomplete. Somethings always missing and it can’t be fixed; no matter how many one night stands or relationships you try to fixate. Nothing fixes it. No matter how many tears you cry or movies you watch; there it sits. 1 year 11 months and 13 days ago this hole was forced upon [...]

“‘PRACTICALITY’ is acceptability of anything or everything dished out with no resistance, reluctance and rebut till it affects oneself, but ‘REALITY’ is the right choice of unbiased practicality in its correct shape, size and form with a high touch of humanity.” – Anuj Somany

“One who sees the weakness of his strength can also leverage the strength of his weakness, readily, to his advantage.” – Anuj Somany

“The surrounding environment is the best erudite master to teach us the fundamental laws of nature and the basics of living.” – Anuj Somany

“Divorce the past to marry the present and be blessed with a lovely child of future.” –  Anuj Somany

“I would give all the pain I’ve seen her go through times ten, just to feel what she felt for one minute when she was with him.” – April, [email protected]