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“You know what I think is strange? When I look back at the good times I have had, I mean the really great times I have experienced in life, you were always right there by my side. But more importantly, when I look at the real rough times, all the trials, you were STILL by [...]

"Why is it everyone looks at him and doesn't see how wonderful he is? Because I saw it the first time I laid eyes on him. I don't think I knew it then, but I guess I was falling in love." -Kim

"'Before we met, I was as lost as a person could be and yet you saw something in me that somehow gave me direction again.'" - Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks

I suck with words. but sometimes words aren't the thing. Love isn't about words, it's about what you do...and what I did, running away, it was stupid. We both know love is a big, scary, evil concept. but if you feel it, it's gonna follow you around like a hungry dog. I didn't mean to say that love is a dog....I just mean I'm not going anywhere. I love you. If love beats us up let's just beat it up right back. We can do this. If you're ready to make the jump, I'll be right there to catch you. -How To Deal

“When the darkness rolls in, I’ll be there through thick and thin..” –  Hilary Duff, “never stop”

“I’ll take your headache away; I’ll give you one another day.  I’ll be the reason that you live.  I’ll show you what you’ve always missed.” –  Hilary Duff, “supergirl”

“‘Cause I know you’ll be there when I’m hanging by a thread.” –  Hilary Duff, “shine”

“when I look at you there is hope.  It’s like you see the sadness in my eyes.  You read the blue between the lines.  You could be the one to hold me when I wanna cry.” –  Hilary Duff, “underneath this smile”

"I've waited all this time -- counting minutes as they pass, searching for a sign, wishing for the best -- and just when my hopes were wearing thin, you turned my heart to love again. Like a miracle out of the blue, you rescued me like the angels do." - Lila McCann, "when you walked into my life"

"When everything's wrong, I just pick up the phone. The sound of your voice, it fills my eyes with tears of joy. Cause I know you'll be there when I'm hanging by a thread, you're my heaven sent." - Hilary Duff, "Shine"

"To be honest, I don't have the words to make you feel better. But I do have arms to give you a hug, I have ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about, and I have a heart -- a heart that is aching to see you smile again."

"I'd do anything for you, give you the world if I could." - The Get Up Kids, "a new found interest"

"I don't know how I was living until you came in my life. I always knew there was something wrong then you came along; baby, you made it right." - Amanda Marshall, "if I didn't have you"

"You could always make me laugh, you listened to my pain, you turned my nights into sunshine when my days had often been rain." - Dave Whitaker

"This world's an ugly place but you're so beautiful to me!" - Blink182, "going away to college"

"If you are the desert, I'll be the sea. If you ever hunger, hunger for me. Whatever you ask for, that's what I'll be. So when you remember the ones who have lied, who said that they cared but then laughed as you cried, beautiful darling, don't think of me, because all I ever wanted is in your eyes."

"a window breaks down a long, dark street and a siren wails in the night. but I'm all right cause I have you here with me and I can almost see through the dark, there is light." - Chantal kreviazuk, "feels like home to me"

"Serena: I need to know why you love me. Dan: Because I do. Serena: I really want to trust you when you say those words, Dan. So maybe if I knew why, I'd stop being so scared of hearing them and afraid to say them. Dan: Okay. Well, if you want to talk about why. . . Serena: It has to do with my mom and her many marriages. Dan: There. That's why. Because I actually like it when you interrupt me, which is often, by the way. I love you because you make no apologies about being exactly who you are... Beautiful, smart, sexy as hell. Serena: Now you're embarrassing me. Dan: That's another reason. You're completely unaware of your affect on me. You're also completely unaware that you laugh like a 4-year-old. Dan: Just like that. And I love you because you can be with someone like me and still be best friends with someone like Blair. Serena: Yeah, well, I tried to be. Dan: I know you do. And that's not easy, but you never give up on her. That is how amazing you

"Thought no one could ever tame me and no chains could tie me down, but your love put my feet back on the ground." - Martina McBride, "walk the line"

"You're in my heart; the only light that shines there in the dark." - Michelle Branch, "you set me free"