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“I want you to fight for me! That’s all I ever wanted!” – Real Steel

“I’m not a Christian. I’m not an Atheist. I’m not Jewish. I’m not Muslim. My religion, what I believe in is called the Constitution of United States of America.” – The Ides of March

“You can lie, you can cheat, you can start a war, you can bankrupt the country, but you can’t fuck the interns. They get you for that.” – The Ides of March

"Two weeks together, that's all it took, two weeks for me to fall for you." - Dear John

“I have heard many people say, who have lost a loved one, that in some ways it is like learning to live with an amputation. You do heal, but you are never the same.” – Courageous

“I love being a mother of a two-year old. It is like being a movie star in a world without critics.” – I Don’t Know How She Does It

I Don’t Know How She Does It Quotes 1/2

“At work, when you act like ‘one of the boys’, they call you abrasive and difficult. So, if you act like a woman, they say you’re emotional and difficult. So, difficult is really just the word for anything that isn’t a man.” – I Don’t Know How She Does It

Midnight in Paris Quotes 2/2

“That’s what the present is. It’s a little unsatisfying because life is unsatisfying.” – Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris Quotes 1/2

“Nostalgia is denial – denial of the painful present… the name for this denial is golden age thinking – the erroneous notion that a different time period is better than the one one’s living in – it’s a flaw in the romantic imagination of those people who find it difficult to cope with the present.” [...]

“If you can love your enemy, you already have victory.” – The Help

“Dylan: Why do women think the only way to get men to do what they want is to manipulate them? Jamie: History, personal experience, romantic comedies.” – Friends with Benefits

One Day Quotes 4/4

“Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today.” – One Day

“She made you decent, and in return you made her so happy, so happy, and I will always be grateful to you for that.” – One Day

“I love you, Dex, so much. I just don’t like you anymore. I’m sorry.” – One Day

“If I could give you just one gift, do you know what it would be? Confidence. That or a scented candle.” – One Day

“And so I write this for you, My Sarah. With the hope that one day, when you’re old enough, this story that lives with me, will live with you as well. When a story is told, it is not forgotten. It becomes something else, a memory of who we were; the hope of what we [...]

Larry Crowne Quotes

“I told you how to avoid divorce lawyers. You get married, and you stay married.” – Larry Crowne

“You can stay in the same place and still find ways to leave people.” – Beginners

“Anna: You can ask me anything you want. Oliver: Anything? What’s there? Anna: That’s a tree. And Cars. Another building like this one. People in the building like us, half of them think it’s never going to work out, the other half believe in magic. It’s like a war between them. Oliver: How do you [...]

“I’ve always wanted to have a phone call with somebody who doesn’t talk.” – Beginners