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“People forget how much they love each other sometimes, but they can make it right again.” – <em>Pink</em> by Marilyn Griffith

“I’m so mad at you. I’m really mad at you for what you did. But I’m mad at myself too. Because I should not have jumped out of that car – I should have fought for you. Because you fight for your soul mates.” – Crazy, Stupid, Love.

"What he offered wasn't really an apology at all, and it didn't make me feel any better. Of course, nothing really could."

"and if i hurt you, then i'm sorry. please don't think that this was easy." - Something Corporate, "konstantine"

"I know in the past I've caused you pain and I'm sorry and I'll always be sorry until the day I die. I hate this paper in my hand because it isn't you. I even hate this letter 'cause it's not the whole truth because the whole truth is so much more than a letter can even say. If you wanna hate me, go ahead. If you wanna burn this letter, do it. You can burn the whole world down . . . you can tell me to go to hell . . . I'd go if you wanted me to and I'd send you a letter from there." - My So-Called Life

"i am going to apologize and hope she forgives me." - One Tree Hill

"I don't always do the right thing and I ask you to forgive me, 'cause I need you here with me 'cause without you in my life, it's empty." - DMX

" I looked at him and he looked at me and for that split second it was like we forgave each other for everything." - Dawson's Creek

"For the times we're at odds, here's a kiss from my heart and a breath in your ear tellin' you I'm sorry. For the times we're apart, here's a kiss with a tear and a heart full of love, tellin' you I'm so sorry."

"But at some point you're gonna have to tell me how I fix this. 'Cause right now you're both judge and jury and I'm... I'm at a loss. Do you want me to say I'm sorry? I have. I've apologized for making a mistake. For poor judgment. I've apologized for things I didn't even think were my fault. I'm seventeen and I did something stupid, OK? But when someone close to you does something... unexpected. Or... or out of character, you don't just abandon them." - Dawson's Creek

"I don't suppose I can ask you to somehow see that every horrible thing I did was because I truly do love you." - Smallville

"We talk like we know what's going on, but we don't. We don't know anything. We're young and we're gonna screw-up a lot. We're gonna keep changing our minds and even sometimes our hearts. And through all that, the only real thing we can offer each other is forgiveness." - Dawson's Creek

"i messed up, but that's what i do... its in my blood. my life is so fucked up, and as soon as i get something that can even classify as normal, i mess it up. i never meant to hurt you, you are the only good thing i have, but i had to mess it up... because if my life wasn't a mess... well it wouldn't be mine." -Beckie

"Lex: Look, I can never make up for what happened. All I can do is move forward and rebuild everything I've damaged. Lana: That might not be easy. Lex: Well, nothing worth it ever is." - Smallville

"I don't always do the right thing and I ask you to forgive me, cause I need you here with me cause without you in my life, it's empty."

"I was a jerk. sometimes boyfriends can be jerks... It doesn't mean you stop talking to them... You get that I'm saying I'm sorry, right?" - Grey's Anatomy

"And you came crawling back to say that you wanna make good in the end." - Ani DiFranco 'Gravel'

"By the way, I do know why you stayed away... I will keep tongue-tied next time." - Carbon Leaf, "life less ordinary"

"When you apologized it was like God told me it was okay to hold on." - Monica Berry

"I was away for a while but I'm hoping someday you'll forgive me though I don't deserve it." - Dashboard Confessional, "the end of an anchor"