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"When it seems so right and it feels so right, man, it had to be right. But then she went away and she's not coming back, and I'm pretty sure that boy is staying in tonight." - Alkaline Trio

"Tonight never ends if we never go inside." -Alkaline Trio

"Sorry I don't even know your name. I guess for me it's easy this way." - Alkaline Trio, "maybe I'll catch fire"

"At the right place, at the right time -- I'll be dead wrong and you'll be just fine, you won't have to quit doing fucked up shit for anyone but me." - Alkaline Trio

"Couldn't hear a word you said. I couldn't hear at all. You talked until your tongue fell out. And then you talked some more. I knew if I turned... I knew if I turned, I'd turn away from you. I couldn't look back." - Alkaline Trio, "exploding boy"

"I don't blame you for walking away. I'd do the same if I saw me." - Alkaline Trio, "this could be love"

"And if it's okay, I'll just grab my shit and leave." - Alkaline Trio, "fatally yours"

"lately i've been feeling dead inside, like my guts have dried up and died. but every night i water them back to life." - Alkaline Trio, "my little needle"

"I can't take another day of this." - Alkaline Trio, "madam me"

"Today I woke up more awake than I have felt in years. Not concerned with anything, no tears. Well I'm done with that shit." - Alkaline Trio, "this is getting over you"

"This time you've dug yourself an anchor too heavy to move ahead with." - Alkaline Trio, "snake oil tanker"

"It's about time that I came clean with you. I'm no longer fine, I'm no longer running smooth. I thought that I found myself under something new. Just one more line I repeat over and over again, 'till I'm blue in the face with a choking regret." - Alkaline Trio, "blue in the face"

"cause things they never work out right (the wrong way, the lonely way)." - Alkaline Trio, "trouble breathing"

"There are things that used to make me laugh, but now they're deeply buried in the past. I left them there so far away." - Alkaline Trio, "stupid kid"

"And I don't believe in much of anything." - Alkaline Trio, "bloodied up"

"You've been known to say that you're a-okay when you're feeling sick inside." - Alkaline Trio, "while you're waiting"

"that'll be me someday with stolen wings and evil ways." - Alkaline Trio, "southern rock"

"Today I woke up, more awake than I have felt in years. Not concerned with anything, no tears." - Alkaline Trio

"In another time, in another place all things might have been in place. But for now I'm finding myself right here standing on a rooftop screaming. 'Hey world are you listening... listening to me?' I'm here and I'm hurting to begin again." - Alkaline Trio, "rooftops"

"well obviously you were busy, too busy for me. so this is how you leave me? I'm broken hearted on the floor. my tears seep through the crack under my door. where I am locked in, shut down. I'm so tired of picking myself up off the ground. so happy valentine's day." - Alkaline Trio, "enjoy your day"