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"You can't kill it with goodbye; It always finds a place to hide inside your heart for your whole life. Love is never-ending." - Brad Paisley, "Love is never-ending"

You overthink things. You say 'what if we're not meant to be?' Well you know what, so what? Make a mistake with me. - Brad Paisley, "Make a mistake"

"Well one thing's for sure.. all you really need is love." - Brad Paisley, "All you need is love"

"There ain't a woman in the world that wants to hear the word yes when she asks if you think that she looks chubby in that dress. And if she cooks all day you better eat it with a smile; it doesn't matter if it tastes just like bad gravy on a Goodyear tire." - Brad Paisley, "That's love"

"Yea there ain't nothing not affected when two hearts get connected. All that is will be or ever was; every single choice we make; every breath we get to take is all because two people fell in love." - Brad Paisley, "two people fell in love"

"When a single mom goes out on a date with somebody new. It always winds up feeling more like a job interview." - Brad Paisley, "he didn't have to be"

"Even if I am responsible for scaring them away, you really ought to thank me. I was doin' you a favor. 'Cause it never woulda worked out anyway." - Brad Paisley, "it never woulda worked out anyway"

"the love in your eyes as you talked to him today was plain to see, so I ain't gonna get involved, but should you change your mind well you know right where I'll be." - Brad Paisley, "Two feet of topsoil"

"Yesterday I thought that I was low as I could get. I had hit rock bottom ever since you up and left, but this morning when I saw you with somebody else, well needless to say that's when I started sinking even lower. And as far as where I am at today. . . there's two feet of topsoil; a little bit of bedrock, limestone in between; a fossilized dinosaur; a little patch of crude oil; a thousand feet of granite underneath . . . then there's me." - Brad Paisley, "Two feet of topsoil"

"When every memory has been made and the pages start to fade. And every prayer you ever prayed is heaven bound. When you think the ride is over, you're back at the beginning. Love is never-ending." - Brad Paisley, "Love is never-ending"

"But, that's the strangest thing about this emotion, even knowin', our chances are small. . . We line up, at the gate with our tickets, thinkin' somehow we're different. I mean, after all...We're in Love.." - Brad Paisley, "If love was a plane"

"Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once." - Brad Paisley, "Some mistakes"

"have no fear. these are nowhere near the best years of your life." - Brad Paisley, "Letter to me"

"don't stand there and tell me how you think it would be best to leave my feelings in the past and not allow myself to love you anymore." - Brad Paisley, "don't breathe"

"Well darlin' I don't think you understand. See, I can't just turn this off. It's like sayin' don't eat or don't sleep. Our love's just one of those things that I've gotten used to doin' way too long." - Brad Paisley, "don't breathe"

"Oh yeah, sure, no problem. I'll just throw away these feelings. Let go of all these hopes and never think of you. No offense, but you've lost it if you think I'll just forget you and decide that I don't love you." - Brad Paisley, "don't breathe"

"It's not that hard at all. It's like you're out of town and just forgot to call. Just because you walked away doesn't mean my feelings have to change now." - Brad Paisley, "with you, without you"

"Don't worry, I ain't gonna ask you to come back and love me. Baby you don't have to. 'Cause I can be in love with you, without you." - Brad Paisley, "with you, without you"

"there's no way I trade a few more things that I could've crossed off my list for a day I'll never forget. No, I didn't get a thing done, but I sure soaked up every minute of the memory we were makin'. And I count it all as time well wasted." - Brad Paisley, "Time well wasted"

"I know it's tough when you break up after seven months. And yeah I know you really liked her and it just don't seem fair. All I can say is pain like that is fast and it's rare." - Brad Paisley, "Letter to me"