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"Sometimes it's hard to see the lines we've drawn until we've crossed them. That's when we rely on the ones we love to pull us back and give us something to hold on to. Then there are the clearly marked lines. The ones that if you dare cross, you may never find your way back." - Gossip Girl

"Mistakes.. We all make them. They usually start with the best of intentions. Like keeping a secret to protect someone.. or getting some distance from the person you've become. Sometimes we don't even know what mistakes we've made to get us where we are.. or we figure it out just in time to make it right again. But every mistake happens for a reason - to teach you a lesson you would otherwise never learn. And hopefully you'll never make that mistake again." - Gossip Girl

"You know dad, I think every girl goes through a forbidden guy phase. Explains why vampires are so popular right now." - Gossip Girl

"Just let me explain. I'm trying to do the right thing, but it's killing me. I know we both care about Blair, but the best thing to do to is tell the truth. I'm not over you. I thought I could fight it, but I can't. If you don't stop me, I'm gonna kiss you." - Gossip Girl

"An emotional affair is just as bad as a physical one." - Gossip Girl

"I remember the first time I ever saw him. Maybe we were just little kids, but I knew. He is the one I wanna marry." - Gossip Girl

"Do you know how hard it is to get revenge when your enemy is changing every five minutes?" - Gossip Girl

"One thing about being on the inside, once you get there you don't always get to choose where you stand... or sit." - Gossip Girl

"A woman has to earn the right to create her own rules." - Gossip Girl

"They say in fashion, one day you're in and the next day, you're out." - Gossip Girl

"You can't save the damsel if she loves her distress." - Gossip Girl

"I chased you for long enough. Now it's the time you chase me." - Gossip Girl

"I would do anything for you, Chuck. But what if that's wrong? I never thought it was possible to love someone too much, but maybe it is. I don't like who I've become with you." - Gossip Girl

"Dan: Let me just say. For the record. I like you. Only you. Serena: Well, that's good because I feel the same about you. Dan: Glad that's cleared up." - Gossip Girl

"One bad thing about making a deal with the devil is, he always comes to collect." - Gossip Girl

"You will always use your dessert fork for your entr

"Some families actually do make the Yuletide gay, managing to leave their troubles far away. Other families have a merry little Christmas even when their troubles aren't so far away. Some presents might end up getting returned. Some gifts are for keeps. Other presents come when you least expect them. And everyone knows the biggest present comes in the smallest box. Then there are those boxes you wish you had never opened." - Gossip Girl

"Turns out fairytales end when they do for a reason." - Gossip Girl

"In life, as in art, some endings are bittersweet. Especially when it comes to love. Sometimes fate throws two lovers together only to rip them apart. Sometimes the hero finally makes the right choice but the timing is all wrong. And, as they say, timing is everything. Looks like this story might just have a second act. Let's hope it's not a tragedy." - Gossip Girl

"What happened? When did everything get so screwed up? This isn't how it's supposed to be. I don't know who I am anymore, what I'm supposed to do." - Gossip Girl