About LUAQuotes.com …

LUA Foundation:

I have been building up to this site since 1998. It first began as a small homepage (first on AOL, then expage, then geocities). Its original site name was “Sweete’s Chiller” (give me a break, I was 13). Over the years, the site evolved into what you see before you. I have had this domain since my freshman year in college (the winter of 2005).


So what does LUA stand for? It really encaptures an idea more than actual words. When my site evolved, I named it “Loving You Always.” LUA is meant to be that (and it has more of a ring to it than LYAQuotes.com haha).

Why Loving You Always?:

This site was founded on the idea that when you love someone you always love them (even when you hate their guts).

Throughout my life I have realized that this is true in every circumstance.

This page is mainly quotes because I find quotes so much easier to express my feelings (“quotes make you feel as if you’re not alone”).

I have never had a problem finding a quote to match any circumstance I have been in, and if I’m too lazy to look, I begin to write (you can see some of my quotes here).

This page is more than just a collection of quotes.

Loving you always proves that you’re not alone; it proves that other people have had emotions like you have, and you are able to turn here for comfort. Life is a battle, and LUAQuotes.com is cognizant of the fact that we’re not alone in it.

What does ______ category contain?

advice – give advice to the reader

afraid – being afraid of being in love/relationship

bands – bands that i have sifted through lyrics for

bitter – still upset that it’s over

bittersweet – a division from other love that explains how much you cared about someone, yet they’re no longer there

boardies – these are people i used to post on message boards with (i put myself under this category also). they are extremely talented.

books – these are quotes from books that i have jotted down while i was reading

broken friends – for friendships that have hit a rough spot or have ended completely

can’t let go – not being able to let go of someone that you no longer talk to/have a relationship with

chance – wanting a chance/taking a chance in love/relationship

comforting – when you are in a relationship/friendship and are thankful for how that person makes you feel

crush – having a crush on someone

death – for the dying/deceased

depressed – these quotes range from mildly sad to severe, depressive states

distance – for those in long-distance relationships

falling apart – a division of fighting that focuses on relationships falling apart

falling for you – quotes for the beginning of a relationship when you start falling for someone

fighting – arguments in a relationship

friends – friendship quotes

graduation – for those high school seniors or those graduated

happy love theoretical – quotes from love theoretical that are more blissful

happy other love – misc. love quotes that have a positive spin to them

heartbroken – strictly heartbroken (not those being unable to let go)

humor – they’ll make you laugh :)

in love – for people who are happily in love with someone

inspirational – self-rexplanatory–they are meant to inspire!

ironic – theoretical quotes that are rooted in irony

it’s over – relationships that are completely over

leaving – for those who are planning to leave someone or just have

letting go – these are for those who are trying to let go

life – basic life quotes

long time love – quotes for long-term relationships/marriages

love – these are not personal love/in love quotes. they are theoretical.

love advice – advice quotes pertaining directly to love.

love as friends – these quotes are for those who we love as more than a friend (even though they might not know it!).

love triangle – these quotes apply to when you’re either torn between two people, another person comes into the picture (regardless of >whether you want him/her there or not), being replaced, or being cheated on

lying – quotes that deal specifically with lying or being lied to

negative – from personal that deal with negative quotes

other love – these are love/like/etc. i could not find another place for them in my different love categories, so i created this one.

personal – these are personal quotes not having to do with love

personal love – these are personal quotes involving love but not being in love/heartbroken/unable to let go/etc.

positive – from personal that deals with strictly positive quotes

positive theoretical – from theoretical; these have a positive spin to them

sad love – quotes from love theoretical that are sad in nature

sad theoretical – sorted from theoretical; these have a negative aspect to them.

secret love – these are quotes that involve not being able to tell the person you care for that you care for them

singers – singers that i have sifted through lyrics for

single – quotes for those who are single

so wrong so right – quotes that deal with not being able to stop liking/loving someone even though they are wrong for you

starting out – not for love… they are for just starting out in a relationship/before you begin one

theoretical – these are not personal and do not involve love.

together again – old sparks being reunited

tv shows – these are tv show quotes

want relationship – quotes for those who want a relationship