Basketball bets take a confident second place in the ranking of the most popular sports among bookmakers. Strategy rates in football and basketball do not differ much. But there are secrets from professionals who make it possible to earn good money when betting on basketball at Learn more about the successful basketball betting.

Before you get started, you need to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the basketball betting events. Have a closer look at them below.

Bet on the Game Outcome

As in any game sport, in basketball, you can bet on the outcome of the match. Bets are made on the outcome at regular time, or taking into account the additional time. Also in basketball, you can bet on outcomes by quarters.

A Knockout Tournament

A knockout tournament is not uncommon in the basketball world. When you do not want to risk and try to guess the results of the matches separately, experts advise you to bet on the pass. In this situation, it is enough to guess the winner.

Quarter Statistics

A quarter in basketball is like a small match. The coach uses different strategies, simulated combinations, makes substitutions. Players' fatigue and emotions accumulated during the previous quarters also affect the result. Therefore, often in the line of the bookmaker you can catch a bet not just on the outcome of the quarter, but also on comparing the performance of the quarters: you get more points, more fouls are committed and so on.

Handicap Betting

Handicap bets are a very popular type of betting among advanced players. If the teams differ greatly in class, the value of the handicap can be high. The equal team is given a small handicap: (+0.5). To correctly use the odds with a handicap, you need to see a favorite in the match and estimate the number of points each team will score.

Total Betting

Another type of bets for advanced players - bets on total. Total bets are accepted on the number of points scored, penalties earned, fouls earned, three-pointers scored and so on. To earn on this type of bet, it is enough to know the average performance of teams separately and see the statistics of personal meetings.

Live Betting

Live betting in basketball is one of the most risky types of bets. Of course, you can make predictions on the number of points scored or penalty earned. But the game is so dynamic and unpredictable that it is better not to rely on luck.

Learn the tips for basketball betting and try your luck!